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Some Scenario to understand how it works

We propose two scenarios to illustrate the possibilities of CPN-AMI.

Screencast Documentation

Watch screencasts featuring CPN-AMI. These screecasts are performed using either Macao or Coloane.

2007-10-21: Petri Net Syntax checker (5.9 Mb)
2007-10-21: Computing structural invariants (3.8 Mb)
2007-10-21: Computing structural bounds (3.5 Mb)
2007-10-21: Computing traps (3.8 Mb)
2007-10-21: Generate the reachability Graph (11.9 Mb)
2007-10-21: Search for a state in the reachability graph (7.7 Mb)
2007-10-21: Extract a path between two states (verbose) (5.9 Mb)
2007-10-21: Extract a path between two states (with animation) (4.7 Mb)
2007-10-21: Compute boolean conditions to caracterise the state space (3 Mb)
2007-10-21: Compute the symbolic reachability graph (9.2 Mb)
2007-10-21: Unfold a colored Petri Nets into a P/T net (8.3 Mb)
2007-10-21: Compute some colored invariants (4.6 Mb)
2007-10-22: Using PetriScript (14.6 Mb)

If you have trouble viewing these files, you can try VLC ( a lightweight GPL multiplatform viewer that
supports mp4.

CPN-AMI introductory tutorials

These tutorials have been written for the Petri Net MATCH summer school (Jaca, September 1998). They can be operated with CPN-AMI version 2.3 or higher.

Please click here to access these tutorial (pdf documentation and material)

CPN-AMI Services User Manual

To access the user manual of CPN-AMI services, please click here.

To access the description of the AMI-Net syntax, please click here or here for a pdf version.

To access the PDF description of the PetriScript language, please click here.

Related Documentation

  • Petri Nets internal description for CPN-AMI french or in english
  • From FrameKit to CPN-AMI
  • F.Kordon & E. Paviot-Adet, "Using CPN-AMI to validate a safe channel protocol", in the proceedings of the International Conference on Theory and Applications of Petri Nets - Tool presentation part, Williamsburg, USA, June 21-25, 1999
    download pdf file (180 Kb)