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Screencast Documentation

Watch screencasts featuring Macao.

2007-10-15: How to create a new Petri Net model (2.3Mb)
2007-10-15: How to draw a Petri Net model (3.8Mb)
2007-10-15: How to open a Petri Nel model file (328Kb)
2007-10-15: How to connect to CPN-AMI (2.7Mb)

If you have trouble viewing these files, you can try VLC ( a lightweight GPL multiplatform viewer that
supports mp4.

Scenario to get an idea about Macao

We present here some typical scenario to illustrate the use of Macao.


Macao user manual in french or in english is available in Acrobat PDF format.

Screen shots

Macao for Solaris (not supported anymore)

Public Formalisms