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What is CPN-AMI

CPN-AMI is a Petri net based CASE environment. It offers functions such as modelling facilities, simulation, model checking and computation of structural properties.

CPN-AMI groups together many tools suitable for Petri net modelling and verification. Some tools have been implemented in our laboratory, some other come from university partners at:

  • Universities of Genova and Torino (some GreatSPN modules),
  • Helsinki University of Technology (PROD),
  • Bell Laboratories (dot),
  • University Humbolt zu Berlin (LoLA),
  • Technische Universität München (some PEP modules),
  • Université Paris 13 (services based on the observation graph).
  • Technische Universität Cottbus (reuse of IDD-MC)
  • the Ohio State University (reuse of tool PaToH)

It is based on our integration platform: FrameKit. The LTL model checker on the symbolic reachability graph is also built on top of the SPOT library. Some of our model checkers are based on internal libraries: libddd and libsdd.

You may acces the list of verification services provided by CPN-AMI here.

New screencasts available as tutorials

Just go there.

What do we do with CPN-AMI

CPN-AMI is used internally in numerous projects or case studies for the verification of parallel systems. It is also a support for the teaching of Petri net theory (Master students, postgraduate students, summer school, etc.).

How to evaluate CPN-AMI

If you wish to evaluate CPN-AMI, without installing the full tool platform FrameKit, we host a publicly visible CPN-AMI instance on one of our servers. You can simply download one of our lightweight user interfaces Macao (mac standalone) or Coloane (eclipse plugin for windows, linux or mac) and follow these instructions to configure a connection to our demo server.

For Mac Users

  1. Download Macao from here, install it and run it,
  2. click on the alt key and select "About Macao" in the macao menu,
  3. click on "Register",
  4. fill the form as follow: name is demo, IP is, macao password is 2a97cbd21e,
  5. click "quit" and restart Macao,
  6. You may connect as shown here (Be careful the user login for the demo CPN-AMI is "demo" or "TP1" and the associated password is "123456").

For Unix and Windows Users

  1. Install the Coloane Eclipse plug-in as shown here, and run it,
  2. You may connect as shown here (Be careful the user login for the demo CPN-AMI is "demo" and the associated password is "123456").