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Crocodile is a Coloane plugin for Eclipse that exports Petri Nets into a GML format and has a component to generate the state space for the system (prior to check for reachability properties, and later on, to LTL ones).

GML (Graph Markup Language) is a XML-based language used for the encoding of graphs. We use it specifically to encode Petri Nets.

Crocodile currently supports P/T Nets, Symmetric Nets (SN, formerly known as "Well-Formed Nets) and Symmetric Nets with Bags (SNB):

  • The supported syntax for SNB can be found here.
  • It is strongly inspired from the AMI-Nets definition.

Though, there is no full compatibility with the AMI-Nets, for a few elements of syntax have been changed. Especially, in the definition of initial markings, the separator ',' has been replaced by '+', making markings more consistent with arc valuations.
These changes are highlighted in blue in the SNB grammar.

To install Crocodile, please follow these instructions. To start with Crocodile, you can use our examples.

Please note that exportGML is still in beta-version, and may (must, actually) have several bugs.

Please report any bug, question or suggestion to me. If you encounter a problem while exporting a specific net, please provide me a cami file of the model (use the cami exporter of Coloane).