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Version 1.2.1 (October 2007)

  • upgrade to news versions of the compiler (warning fixed)

Version 1.2 (March 2006)

  • Possibility to generate code generator that do not check validity of input files (no relation to the metamodel).
  • Support of the character ' in strings.
  • Some minor bug fixed

Version 1.1 «ß14» (December 2005)

  • Bug fixed in the use of some boolean operators.

Version 1.1 «ß13» (September 2005)

  • Bug fixed in the use of functions UPPER and LOWER in MSST.

Version 1.1 «ß12» (December 2004)

  • Minor problems fixed.

Version 1.1 «ß11» (October 2004)

  • Minor problem fixed.
  • Distribution and minimum tutorial
  • XML import and export mechanisms

Version 1.1 «ß10» (November 1999)

  • Fixing a problem in the management of the " character when it is in a syntactic pattern (there where a conflict with the " delimitor in Ada).
  • Management of variable that have a name corresponding to an Ada reserved keyword.
  • References to non existent syntactic rules is operational (constraint: a syntactic rule has to be defined before its first invocation).
  • Bug fixed in the use of undeclared variables.
  • Better message management.

Versions 1.1 «ß3» to «ß9» (April 1998 to July 1999)

Many bug fixed. Most of them are outlined by Pierre Vidal when he was making a Java program generator from OF-Class specifications. In particular:

  • Bug fixed in the management of equalities in MSSM (some cases in integer and string expressions),
  • Changes in the BNF related to the manipulation of semantic trees.
  • Corrections in the tracking mode.

Version 1.1 «ß2» (July 1997)

  • Extension of a tracking mode to track the execution of syntactic rules and semantic rules. It is also possible to limite the size of traces by selecting a subset of tracked rules.
  • New options to parameterize the implementation of the tranbsformation engine and its connexion with FrameKit. It is possible to set a version number, a kit identifier and a copyright string.
  • MetaScribe compiles with GNAT version 3.09.

Version 1.1 «ß1» (September 1996)

Global changes:

  • Changes in the management of comments in MSF, MSM, MSSM and MSST languages. comments are now prefixed by "//" like in C++
  • First tracking mechanism based on output and exception handlers (generated in the transformation engine) for detecting problems.
  • use of #line directives but AYACC has a problem with real line numbers when comments are present in MSF, MSM, MSSM and MSST languages.
  • detection of extended ASCII comments (AFLEX/AYACC do not support these).
  • The model management API provides now primitives to change attributes of a model. It is also possible to create "temporary" attributes that cannot be saved in an MSM file.

Changes in the MSSM language:

  • Instruction to get the total number of nodes or connectors in a model.
  • Instruction to get a node or a connector using its absolute position.
  • Instruction to get the a node or connector class.
  • Instruction to get the MSM identifier of a node or a connector.
  • Instruction to get a string length.
  • Null instruction.
  • Instruction to check the content of a semantic tree node.
  • Global variables introduced.

Changes in the MSST language:

  • Instructions to get the integer part of a semantic tree node either as an integer expression or a string expression.
  • Global variables introduced.

Version 1.1 «alpha2» (June 1996)

Debugged version from «alpha1». It was used to generate a draft transformation tool from H-COSTAM into Petri nets. This was used as a first run to check capabilities of MetaScribe.

Boolean attributes are now possible in MSM.

Version 1.1 «alpha1» (december 1995)

First operational version of MetaScribe.