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Scenarios to get an idea about FrameKit

We present here some typical scenario that illustrates the use of FrameKit (to be exact the use of the services that are integrated in FrameKit). This scenario is extracted from CPN-AMI 2, The Petri net based CASE environment designed using FrameKit.

We propose three scenarios to illustrate the possibilities of FrameKit.


Here is the list of FrameKit related documentation. Part of this documentation is only useful when using directly FrameKIt to build environments. For CPN-AMI, wrappers make things easier ;-).


Here is some papers piblished in international conferences:

  • F. Kordon & J-L. Mounier, "Implementation of Genericity for customizable CASE environments", in the proceedings of CARI'98, pp 765-776, Dakar, Senegal, October 12-15, 1998
    pdf document (144 Kb)
  • F.Kordon & J-L. Mounier, "FrameKit, an Ada Framework for a Fast Implementation of CASE Environments", Ada Letters, XVIII(5), pp57-66, 1998
    pdf document (220 Kb)
  • F. Kordon & J-L. Mounier, "FrameKit and the prototyping of CASE environments", in proceedings 8th International Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping, N.Kanopoulos Ed, pp 91-97, IEEE comp Soc Press, USA, June 1997
    pdf document (84 Kb)